Images taken at Wild Willow Studio in SLC

Headshots are often seen as a first impression in the professional world. The ability to leave a strong, long-lasting impression with just a headshot is essential if you want for your industry to see you as an authoritative, reliable expert in your field. Your headshot speaks volumes about how you want to present yourself and in turn, it will speak volumes on how you may represent potential clients. Whether you're presenting your headshot to a potential employer, potential client, or other professionals within your industry, your headshot is essential to your success.

Professional Headshot with grey background in Salt Lake City | Rachel Reyes Photography

James Romney. UX Designer & Author in Salt Lake City, UT.

As a headshot photographer, it is my job to make sure that every headshot captures the true presence and personality of my clients. Every element of your headshot communicates something specific to your client. The way you are styled, the way you are posed, the expression that we capture, and the location we choose is all of great importance. I'm here to help you send the right message in the form of clear, clean image that will leave an impression. It is essential that you fell confident in how you look and that you can feel eager to share your headshot with others, so I take great care to photography my clients in a way that is flattering to their unique features and body types. As important as it is for others to feel a valuable, lasting impression from seeing your headshot, it is essential to me that you feel a lasting impression upon your self-perception and confidence.

Professional Headshot on Grey Backdrop | Rachel Reyes Photography
Corporate Headshot in Salt Lake City, Utah | Rachel Reyes Photography
Professional Headshot with Plants and Black Backdrop | Rachel Reyes Photography
Professional Headshot Session with Black Backdrop and Plants | Rachel Reyes Photography

Here are a few tips to ensure your headshots fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations!


  • Select an outfit with colors that match your branding and website. Your headshots should align with your brand.
  • Hire a professional hair and makeup artist. You want for your headshots to look as refined as possible. It could end up in a news article!
  • Select an outfit that is well-tailored to your body. This will help you look and feel your best throughout your headshot process.
  • Ask if your photographer offers any retouching services such as teeth whitening, blemish removal, flyaway removal, etc.
  • Communicate any securities you may have about your face or body to your photographer, if they could affect how you feel about your final images.
  • Invest in your headshot session. Again, these photos are essential to your success as a business professional and you never know who may see them. It is absolutely worth it to hire a photographer with a great portfolio, an HMUA with a great eye, and an outfit that flatters and compliments you, while being on brand.