3 essential bridal makeup tips
A Luxury Wedding Photographer's Perspective

One of the most exciting parts of being a bride is planning out your bridal makeup! Makeup is essential on your wedding day because you want for your lovely features to stand out as much as possible in your photos. However, a poorly executed makeup look could look quite different on camera than it does in person, or it could cause you to feel disappointed in how you photographed overall.

Naturally, I want for you to love the way you look in your wedding photos!

Here’s 3 essential tips to ensure your bridal makeup photographs exactly the way you want it to. We’re going into depth with these tips, so get ready to dive in.


What feature do you want to accentuate the most? Is it your beautiful eyes, your full lips, your crystal clear skin, your outstanding cheekbones? Maybe it’s your statement brows or your incredible jawline! There are so many options and all of your best features should be accentuated but I recommend picking one feature to emphasize above the others.

Why? It’s natural for the human eye to gravitate to whatever part of an image stands out the most. By choosing a focal point that you love, your eyes will immediately know where to gravitate to that point, and that means the first thing that will catch everyone’s eyes is how beautiful that feature looks! This will help you have good feelings about how you look in your photos from the first glance!

If you’re having trouble picking which feature to select, you can never go wrong with the eyes. Eyes are always captivating. One of the best ways to accentuate them is with a set of false-lashes! If you want a more natural bridal look, remember that not all false lashes have to be dramatic. Some lashes are quite understated but they provide additional definition to your eyes and ensure your lashes look picture perfect. There are even half or single fake lashes you can use for a more natural look!

If you’re stuck between two features, you can opt to balance out the attention between them with the help of your makeup artist. As you can see in this photo, we chose to balance out the attention between the eyes and cheeks as the focal point for Mariah. They don’t clash but your eyes go back and forth between them-giving them both equal admiration. Then, as you see the remaining elements of her makeup-you see that they are complimenting and playing up her focal points. Clean brows, skin, and a complimentary lip shade really completed this bridal look.

She looks beautiful and balanced!

Be sure to consult with your makeup artist on how to best accentuate your features.



There’s so many things to take into account when choosing the colors you will use for your bridal makeup! Makeup Artist’s agree that your skin's tone and undertone are at the top of that list-so please do consult with them about that. In terms of what I’d like you to know as your wedding photographer, it’s that you’ll need to take the following into account as you gather inspiration for your makeup look.

  • Your Wedding Colors
  • Your Bouquet Colors
  • The Colors of the Bridesmaids Dresses
  • The Color Scheme of your Venue

Do you feel that taking all of those factors into account might sound a little dramatic? Remember that you will consistently be surrounded by people and decorations adorned with your wedding colors. You will almost exclusively be photographed in and around your venue throughout the day. You are the bride and all the colors and décor at your wedding are meant to accent you-not the other way around. A beautiful color flow is essential for beautiful photography and it is essential to ensuring that the tones within your makeup do not clash with any other elements. A good makeup artist will ask about the color of your dress, flowers, etc. for this exact reason! I always smile when a makeup artist asks me for this detail at an editorial shoot, it's a sign of a good makeup artist in my book.



Here’s a tip that you every bride MUST know in order for their makeup to truly be picture perfect!

Every photographer has a different editing style. The way your photographer edits can change the entire appearance of your makeup once your photos have been edited. In order for your makeup to appear the way you want it to in your photos-you have to plan accordingly.

If your photographer shoots light and airy, shoots on film, or has a generally bright style, you will want to consider intensifying the overall pigmentation level of your makeup and potentially apply slightly darker colors than you originally planned. If you want subtle tones or a minimalistic bridal look, discuss going half a shade or a full shade darker on the lips so that when the editing process brings in that beautiful soft light that you love, and therefore lifts the dark tones and shadows in your photo, your lip color will appear just as you hoped. Otherwise, your lip color could appear lighter or less pigmented than you intended it to.

With this editing style, colors are generally true to color but this will vary from photographer from photographer. Consult with your photographer about how their editing may or may not alter the appearance of your makeup in order to ensure that your bridal look photographs exactly the way you want it to!


If your photographer shoots underexposed, edits with warm and rich tones, or has a generally more rustic or dramatic editing style, you’ll want to consider different tactics to guarantee that your makeup turns out the way you are envisioning! As this editing style is typically less true to color (so that your photographer can give your photo the overall rich/dramatic tones that you love), you’ll want to keep in mind that all of the shades and tones in your bridal look could be made to lean a lot more red, orange, brown, etc. depending on the way your photographer edits. If you want to wear a bright orange-red lip, a coral lip, etc. these shades could look even more orange, even more red, etc. than you expected them to or they could appear much more muted than you expected them to if your photographer likes to bring down the saturation levels in their photos. If your photographer is shooting underexposed and has a darker style, your makeup could potentially look a shade or two darker on the eyes, lips, etc. There are many possibilities with this style of photography!

There are many editing styles in the wonderful world of photography and the best photographer’s will understand how their personal editing style can affect their bride and groom’s appearances. They will also be able to balance out or correct any color changes that may occur in the editing process.

If you’re hiring a real pro, determining the best way to have your makeup photographed will be easy!

Be sure to consult with your photographer as you and your makeup artist plan out your ideal bridal look. 

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who will capture your bridal makeup with true-to-color, timeless editing?